Sunday, May 24, 2015

Neo Dali Viit Circle Lenses + Klenspop Review

      I don't normally wear circle lenses on a daily basis, but since I had a couple of events coming up I figured the extra pop to my eyes wouldn't hurt. I just bought daily disposables because I don't plan on keeping it after the event to wear-- it'd just sit and collect bacteria *shudder*. Since I knew about the Neo Dali series's reputation for being extremely comfortable, I decided to give that a go. I ordered it from Klenspop.

      I'm writing this review because prior to purchase I could not find any detailed ones, so this is for anyone else who was in my position when deciding.

Product Review:

I ordered 5 pairs and after opening up the shipping box, it came in a smaller box as shown here with the print of the girl's face. It really is tiny, I put a poker card for size comparison. But hey, it's the perfect size for only 5 pairs anyway. :P

 The back of the box:

The individual contact lens wrapper with all the information:

A small cute instructional and informational leaflet! This is the front and back side by side. The english amused me:

 Finally, here it is on my eye! You can see here that it's very natural. You can still see a sort of halo effect under my real iris (the part of the circle lens covering my whites).

          I have gotten other daily disposables before and was quite shocked about how close to nothing this one felt. The lens itself is quite fragile: one tore right when I took it out so now I have like 4 pairs and a half ;_; But that also speaks for its comfort. Just be very delicate handling them! Please do keep in mind that I personally am not a daily contact lens wearer by any means, so my eyes fatigued about 4 hours in with no eye drops. But if you do wear contact lens daily, I'm pretty confident these will be really comfortable for you.

Overall Rating 4/5
Would I reorder? Sure, but probably not next time only because I'll probably want to try out the Neo Dali Natural daily disposables :)

Service Review:

      Before I decided to purchase it, I had to contact them regarding a specification on the customs declaration-- I didn't want it to be marked lenses but rather something more general, like "cosmetics" because of personal anxiety about the US regulation of lenses, and I wanted my package to come in safely. They emailed me back very quickly and assuredly (yay!). However, when it arrived it still said "contact lenses" to my disappointment. But this was just a small personal issue though. Otherwise everything came in the mail fine and dandy, safely bubble wrapped and neatly packaged. And if you need to contact them, I'm sure they'd respond as quickly as they did with me. For the delivery time, I'd say it took about two weeks.

Overall Rating 4.5/5
Would I buy from them again? Yes, recommended!

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